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About Us

Xylem is a modern gift shop, located in Wellesley, MA.  We focus on providing gifts and items with quality design, modern aesthetic, and ability to make you smile.  We originally opened in Cambridge, MA July 2011, but relocated to Wellesley in November 2016.

What is Xylem?

Scientifically speaking, Xylem is a plant tissue which is responsible for transporting water and nutrients from the roots up into the rest of the plant.  This vital function allows the plant to live and breathe.

We at Xylem, the store, aim to provide an assortment of wonderful gift items.  Think of us as a conduit for modern design, bringing the best of what we find from around the world to you.  We hope to convey a vitality and energy that brings life to our store, and happiness to our customers.